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Wheel and Caliper painting for the R8

We recently did a wheel and caliper respray on an AUDI R8
Sharing an image here of the work and what a pleasure it has been to deal with members of this car club.

We always enjoy working on exotic cars and hope to do many more in the coming Months

Wheel Repair Melbourne - Wheel Painting - Wheel Straightening

Example Video of Undercoat being applied to a Jeep wheel for a black wheel respray.

Located in Ringwood Melbourne we cater to all forms of wheel repair and painting.

Wheel Straightening Machine

We can now offer Buckled and Bent wheel repair in Melbourne.

We have installed a custom made wheel straightening machine.

Here is a video of us testing a wheel after straightening.

Bent Buckled Wheel Straightening and Re-rolling Melbourne
Wheel Straightening Machine

This year we installed a wheel straightening machine.
This means that we can now repair buckled and bent wheels using our brand new specially built wheel straightening machine.

It uses a hydraulic press and indicator gauge to straighten any buckles in your wheels ensuring that they spin true.

Visit for more information on what we do.
Wheel Straightening Wheel Repair Melbourne