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Cleaning your wheels at the carwash tips

Some tips for cleaning your wheels.

If you want to see your wheels shiny and looking brand new, I have discovered some off the shelf products that are easy to find and actually do a very good job of removing brake dust and grease.

Armoral Wheel Cleaner is my preferred choice for cleaning wheels.
The trick is to spray the wheels with the wheel cleaner, leave it for 30 seconds and then use high pressure soap to wash off. the result will be a fantastic shine.

We always clean alloy wheels before doing any wheel repair.

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Colour Swatch Arrived

We are now equipped with a bumper and fender colour matching tool.
This allows us to match the colour flawlessly for the repair of your alloy wheels.

The colour matching tool has over 700 colours and most common silvers and dark shades of silver and grey.

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Wheel repair on True Local

Our listing on true local.

This page will have more content and images of the work that we perform
Wheel Repair Melbourne
Images of wheel repair processes

Wheel Buddy - Alloy Wheel Repair is Live

Wheel Buddy - Alloy Wheel Repair MelbourneWe have just launched Wheel Buddy in Melbourne.  This service will help car owners to have access to alloy wheel repair or mag wheel repair.

We start by taking off your wheels and inspecting the type of damage.  The types of damage can be gutter rash, scratched wheels, flaking or faded paint, curb damage and other dings chips and dents in the wheel.

We then perform a colour match on the wheel to determine the correct colour code to mix using our professional automotive paint.

We sand back the wheels or wheel using both machine sanding and finishing with hand sanding for a perfect smooth surface.

In some cases we will use an alloy putty compound to fill any deep wounds gashes grazes or chips in the wheels also sanding this back to a perfectly smooth finish.

The next step in the wheel repair is then to paint your wheels in the colour match colour and also clear coat them.

Throughout the painting process we use an infrared heat lamp to cure the paint ,…