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Our full Respray Package and flyer

Recently we re-designed our promotional flyer to highlight the value of our wheel respray package. We have quickly become the number 1 choice for a full wheel respray in Melbourne.
We include all the balancing fitting in the package cost and we spray wheels inside out in our down draft spray booth.

Repairing Wheels DIY Guide

Hi Guys and Gals

I thought I should share some techniques from time to time which may come in handy for you if you are trying to repair alloy wheels on your own.

As an example, to repair the damage pictured below.
You need to do the following.

1. With an orbital sander , attach a 120grit sanding disk and sand only the damaged area until the damage is gone.


2. With an orbital sander and 320grit disk, sand the area smooth to smoothen out the repair.


3. With wet 400grit by hand sand paper, sand the repair area and any scratches left from the machine sanding which you may have missed in the previous step.

4. With an 800grit wet sand paper by hand , sand the repair area thoroughly.

5. Clean the area of water and dust.

6. Apply metal polish to a rag and polish the area thoroughly.

Congratulations you have repaired your first wheel.

Recent wheel and caliper respray

We recently perfected the art of satin black resprays using a special satin black paint with added hardener for a solid and highly durable finish.
How our service works

Full Wheel Resprays Melbourne

At Wheel Buddy , we specialise in full wheel resprays.
Our process for a full wheel respray is as follows.

1. We remove the wheels from the car
2. We strip the tyres from the wheels
3. We fix any existin gutter rash or damage on the wheels
4. We hand sand the wheels , inside out
5. We paint the wheels inside out in our Seetal Spray booth
6. We leave the wheels overnight to sit
7. We refit the tyres and re balance each wheel
8. We fit the wheels back to the car.

This process generally takes overnight so we have a one day turn around on this sort of work.

4wd and larger vehicles are a little more expensive due to the tyre removal and balancing costs.


We are nearly finished installing a full 2k basecoat ppg paint system.
This allows us to mix infinite colour combinations and mix colours directly from a code to ensure you get exactly what you are after.