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Shadow Chrome Alloy Wheel Repair

By far shadow chrome is the most difficult colour of wheel to perform alloy wheel repair on.

Firstly the factory process for a shadow chrome colour varies from factory to factory , but basically the wheel is powder coated to a gloss black and then lightly mist coated with a silver/chrome paint which is translucent and allows for the black to show through which produces that dark chrome effect, finally the wheel is coated with a clear coat.

When repairing shadow chrome wheels we sometimes recommend to respray all 4 or 5 wheels on the car ( including the spare in some cases ), this ensures a uniform colour for each corner and more importantly it actually works out cheaper than say repairing only 2 wheels and spending the time to match a shadow chrome finish.

Having said that there are a few methods we are experimenting with in order to get great results for shadow chrome matching.

Unfortunately we are keeping this a trade secret and will not be revealing anything further on this blog regard…