4x4 Raptor Coating Service , Body Protection I added some new services to the business, Now offering 4x4 raptor coating of vehicles. Raptor coat is a bedliner that offers the ultimate in body protection for offroad 4wd vehicles. It was intiially formulated for the tubliners in utes and is really durable and scratch resistant. Raptor coating your vehicle can help to avoid those tree branch rubbing scratches in the body work and really easy to clean and touch up if you ever do some heavy driving and damage a few panels. Below is a walkaround video of a recent job done : 4wd Raptor Coating Melbourne

Wheel Buddy .. 4x4 adventure

Recenty had the pleasure of working on my 120 series Prado Kitted out with a lift kit , winch and some recovery gear .. oh and a set of Yokohama 33s on dynamic steel rims.  We tackled the coast all the way up to Robe in South Australia. Including some national park tracks and very sandy dune climbs. I love finding new ways to enjoy cars . The 4x4 stuff is by far the best fun I have had in a car and recommend it to anybody. Pics included
Wheel Buddy Melbourne is running  a wheel respray special for the next 3 months Get 4 wheels repainted for $650 Some conditions do apply Wheels must be less than 20 inch , have little to no gutter rash and have a basic spoke pattern less than 8 spokes. We offer many wheel modification and restoration services including straightening and spot repairs

x5 Wheel Repair

We recently performed a repair on some badly damaged BMW X5 wheels. These wheels had gutter rash all around the edges on every wheel . We removed all the damage and shaped any deformed sections, followed by a fresh gloss black wheel respray. The results speak for themselves.
Wheel Repair Melbourne Video This is a video of wheel painting ,  going from silver to a gloss black this video shows the initial black undercoating being applied.

Wheel and Caliper painting for the R8

We recently did a wheel and caliper respray on an AUDI R8 Sharing an image here of the work and what a pleasure it has been to deal with members of this car club. We always enjoy working on exotic cars and hope to do many more in the coming Months Wheel Repair Melbourne - Wheel Painting - Wheel Straightening
Example Video of Undercoat being applied to a Jeep wheel for a black wheel respray. Located in Ringwood Melbourne we cater to all forms of wheel repair and painting.