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Mobile Bumper Repair

As part of our partnership with Dan the Touch Up Man
We are proud to offer Bumper Repair in Melbourne as part of our in house service.

Workshop Progress and Official Opening

We are making excellent progress with our workshop.

We are nearly finished installing the full down draft Seetal spray booth and we look forward to taking your caliper painting and alloy wheel repair in house.

We also managed to find a PPG Paint system for mixing all your custom colours.

We estimate around christmas time for completion and official opening of the shop

Here is a picture of our front office which is 95% ready

We have purchased a spray booth.

What does this mean for you our customer.

It means we can achieve an even better finish than before and it also means we are now fully equipped to repair car panels and body work resprays.

Workshop Opening

Our workshop officially opens in a weeks time and there's plenty of work to be done to set it up for wheel repair and caliper painting .  We may take a week off to get it up and running .
In the meantime here's some pics

Shadow Chrome Alloy Wheel Repair

By far shadow chrome is the most difficult colour of wheel to perform alloy wheel repair on.

Firstly the factory process for a shadow chrome colour varies from factory to factory , but basically the wheel is powder coated to a gloss black and then lightly mist coated with a silver/chrome paint which is translucent and allows for the black to show through which produces that dark chrome effect, finally the wheel is coated with a clear coat.

When repairing shadow chrome wheels we sometimes recommend to respray all 4 or 5 wheels on the car ( including the spare in some cases ), this ensures a uniform colour for each corner and more importantly it actually works out cheaper than say repairing only 2 wheels and spending the time to match a shadow chrome finish.

Having said that there are a few methods we are experimenting with in order to get great results for shadow chrome matching.

Unfortunately we are keeping this a trade secret and will not be revealing anything further on this blog regard…
Removing Tyres When Painting Wheels & Process - Tips for DIY

Recently we painted some wheels in black for a customer and to do a solid job we opted to remove the tyres from the rims.

We used Baurepairs to do the tyre removal.

The first step we took was to remove the wheel balancers from incide the wheel.
This is a flat set of wheights which the tyre shop applies with double sided tape

TIP :  Remove these before painting, because they will put a new balancing set later when you fit the tyres back on

We then washed the wheels thoroughly and sanded them back with  600 grit, 800 grit and 1500 grit

We used a light etch primer to help with adhesion and we rubbed this back with 1500 grit for a smooth surface.

We then and only then applied our paint to the entire wheel , inside and out.

I hope this gives you some insight into getting your wheels painted properly.

Visit our website for more info  Wheel Repair Melbourne

CNC Machined Wheels

Hi Guys/Gals

Recently we have helped to do some wheel repair for customers with CNC Machine Wheels.
We always advise our customers that repairing these types of wheels is different to painted alloy.

We cannot replicate the cnc lines without the cnc machine and recommend that if you are very fussy then its best to get them machined.

Otherwise the repair area will look 90% better than gutter rash, but on very very close inspection it will be clear that the repaired area has no cnc machined lines and therefore we cannot say it is a 100% perfect repair without the machining.

When considering wheel repairs on your machined wheels weigh up your budget against your level of fussy !